Friday, June 10, 2005

Robert Plant's Mighty Rearranger - Does this old dog have any new tricks?...

Time for the Friday Music Review, y'all. This week I've been listening to Robert Plant's recent release, Mighty Rearranger.

Playing the full disclosure card, I should admit that I have not been a fan of much of Plant's solo work (at least, those bits that I have actually heard over the years). However, I did love the No Quarter collaboration with that Jimmy Page cat (I think they were, like, in a band together or something) and one of the things that I really dig about Mighty Rearranger is that it has a lot of the flavor of No Quarter (that rhythmic, Eastern flavor).

Now I don't love this CD, but I enjoy it quite a bit, and certainly much more than I really expected (I actually purchased this album expecting it to be the first negative review on this blog). While Plant's voice is not as powerful as it was back in the 70's (and you're silly if you would expect it to be), it's still in pretty good shape with some solid energy behind it, and he puts it to use well on this disc. There's a definite Zep feel to some of the tracks on this album, but not in a rehashed living-in-the-past way. This is a rock album that manages to be soothing and hypnotic at the same time.

So you should pick up this album and teach yourself that some of these old rock dogs can still put out some good music (Mick Jagger, I'm talking about you old man).

And now I simply must get back to work. Peace!


At 2:40 PM, Blogger EmoRiot said...

You point it out yourself, but I'm starting to think that your high readership has caused the record companies to buy you off to write good reviews. What's the story, morning glory?


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