Thursday, June 02, 2005

Short and early Friday music review...

I probably won't get a chance to post tomorrow, so here is my music review, although it's more of a recommendation list.

Demon Days, by Gorillaz, is a great disc for walking/driving around town listening to, and it's growing on me more and more with each listen.

X&Y, the upcoming new Coldplay disc, was worth the wait, and even makes me almost forgive lead singer Chris Martin and wife Gwynny for naming their poor kid Apple. Almost.


At 6:32 PM, Blogger Bug said...

Is it Apple as in Apple Martin(i)?

If so, that's lame.

If it's Apple as in Apple Records, that's lame.

If it's Apple as in the fruit, that's lame.

Conclusion: lame.

At 10:38 PM, Blogger EmoRiot said...

Call me crazy but Apple is not the worst name ever. I mean, it's a little weird, but it's not Dwiezel or Moon Unit.

At 4:58 AM, Blogger ceymick said...

Apple's a terrible name, but not the worst ever, I suppose.

My favorite bad celebrity name award has to go to Jermaine Jackson's kid...Jermajesty!

At 9:59 AM, Blogger EmoRiot said...


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Bug said...

I'll add my own little music review here today.

Over on myspace.com you can take a listen to the entire Black Eyed Peas album "Monkey Business" before it gets released next week.

I haven't heard their stuff before, but I have heard their name now for a couple of years. Most recently, Amanda told me how much she likes them. So, I thought, "Well, cool. I'll sit down and see what I think."

I listened to the whole album this morning and I really enjoy it. Jazzy, pop-y, hip-hop-y - everything. It's well produced, well written (with the exception of a few lyrics, but whatever about that), and has a great flow to the entire album.

Particularly interesting to note is that they really amp up the energy in the middle of the album, right where most bands tend to start falling off. It's really a great decision because it gets you over those typical mid-album duldrums and pushes you towards their big collaborative track at the end with Sting.

Anyway, it's good stuff and makes me want to not only pick up this album, but also check out their last disc "Elephunk."

At 8:09 PM, Blogger rooni said...

Wow, guys.. I have to say that I love the name Apple -- I had a friend named Apple in college, and it didn't seem weird to call her that, and she loved her name, too.

And I love the Black Eyed Peas, but then.. you knew that, because I'm the Amanda that Bug was referring to. =)


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