Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Lord Affleck?" "Yes, master?" "Rise!"...

This is probably the best thing yet to come out of the Star Wars prequel - in this article from the Chicago Tribune, there's a little snippit of an interview with Star Wars produce Rick McCallum, wherein Mr. McCallum makes a fantastic analogy about Anakin/Vader's shift from the light side to the dark side of the force:

Q. Do you think some audiences are going to have a problem with Anakin mowing down a bunch of kids?

A. He has to kill those kids because that's the only way he can get that power to be able to eventually work with Palpatine [the dark lord] to figure out a way to save his wife. He does it for kind of the right reasons, but if you put it in perspective, I always think of it as like watching Ben Affleck and Matt [Damon]. They wrote this thing ["Good Will Hunting"], they have this background together, they grew up together, they're best friends, and they're two totally different human beings right now. One is laid back, cool, does his work, works as best as he can, tries to be a good actor. The other one has taken the Dark Side, the dark route. It's just amazing.

Q. Because Ben Affleck has embraced the whole celebrity aspect?

A. Yeah, the power thing.

Q. He hasn't killed little kids, though.

A. No, but, can we take this out of [real] Ben? Take the hypothetical Ben in three or four years . . . career down the slide . . . and he's given a choice to be able to resurrect his career, which is probably the most important thing to him, the fame aspect of it. Would he do anything? Who knows?



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