Friday, May 13, 2005

The Lazy Man's Friday review...

Today's music review is going to be rather short, for no reason other than I'm feeling lazy. I wouldn't be surprised if within a few weeks, my Friday Music Review simply become Friday List of One or More CD's I Like. I'm a lazy man.

Anyway, earlier this week I pulled out a CD that was easily one of last year's best and most overlooked albums, Tom Waits' Real Gone. As I kid, I had heard Tom Waits a couple of times and I utterly despised him, largely due to his harsh and gravely voice. Tastes change, I suppose, and now I love him. This album was a departure from what I hear in my inner-ear when I think of Tom Waits (Waits sitting at a piano in a smokey bar, growling out lyrical odes to a buzzed crowd). This disc has no piano, lots of growling, lots of percussion and lots of almost-beatboxing. The music itself is harsh and loud – in fact, coupled with Waits’ growling vocals, I can barely make out many of the lyrics and find myself going to the liner notes if I want to know what the hell he’s saying.

This CD is absolutely not for everyone. I could see many people declaring this CD a lot of noise. But if you’re willing to try something a little different, you’ll be happy you did.


At 11:21 AM, Blogger EmoRiot said...

Tom Waits is that thing that everyone experiences when one of their friends discovers him in high school, plays him for you, and you hate him.

Then, later in life, you're watching a movie and you hear this song that just fits the mood so well. It emotes. It's lyrical. It's great. "Who is that?!", you say...

It's Tom Waits. He is our collective hate...then love relationship.

At 11:21 AM, Blogger EmoRiot said...

Also, I love the idea that you're too lazy to put work into your blog which was created as a diversion from working.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger ceymick said...

I think you're absolutely correct about Waits.

And yes, I am that lazy, and then some.


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