Thursday, May 19, 2005

To quote Ogre, "NEEEEERDS!"...

I'm an admitted nerd, but today I publicly chastise the nerds. Damn you nerds!

My office is right down the street from L.A.'s convention center, where the E3 Expo (big ol' video game conference) is taking place. As I said, I'm an admitted nerd and I've been to E3 before (and even though I'm not going at all this year, I've been following it with some websites, such as Gamespy). Now let me tell you, you've never seen such an amazing collection of nerds as you see at E3 (with the possible exception of the July nerdfest that is the San Diego Comic Convention), and downtown L.A. is absolutely littered with the nerds. They're like cockroaches.

Anyway, the reason I'm particularly bitter at the nerds right now is that they're mucking up my commute. It's taking me twice as long to get into the office and/or home from the office, and I'm not happy about. So nerds, consider yourselves publicly chastised.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger EmoRiot said...

Can I vent my E3 related frustration here?

Every year I've made fun of video game people because they try, relentlessly, to convince me how powerful the graphics engines are in their game consoles and how realistic the graphics of their games look. They have one constant technique: compare the games to movies.

Take, for example, the hype of the playstation 2 some years ago. The sony people loved to talk about how much the ps2 had more processing power than the computer that rendered Toy Story... and it was capable of more polygons per inch than Toy Story...

People had every right to be dissapointed when ps2 games came out and Toy Story Interactive was not among them. Also lacking was any polygon count higher than Toy Story or anything that resembled something more than what it really way... a natural step up from the ps1.

Now, I don't fault Sony for hyping every new console this way. I fault those e3 nerds who swallow the hype hook, line, and sinker and make it their evangelical mission to persuade me of its truth.

When Zelda came out on Game Cube I got into another heated debate with someone when they swore adamantly that it had graphics that looked like you were watching a cartoon. You know what it really looked like? Like you were watching a video game. A good game. But a game, none the less.

So it's in this context that I don't look forward to the launch of these new consoles by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Take for example, this quote from Sony's President at the unveiling of the PS3:

"This super computer for computer entertainment runs on a new processor technology called Cell, which is capable of displaying movie-like graphics that are completely interactive."

Guess again, Mr. Sony. It's just gonna look like a nice video game. If this looks like a movie, then Q-Bert for the Atari 2600 looked EXACTLY like an iMax movie.

Hmmm... imax qbert. That sounds good.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Bug said...

You're just grumpy at games. You have been ever since Mr. Sony went and added the Z-axis to your gameplay.

"Damn them! Now I have to move through a space, not just across it!?!? They're evil!!"

If you want to enjoy a new game that's a side-scroller, pick up Viewtiful Joe and shut up about it already.

Guess I'm kinda' grumpy, too.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger ceymick said...

Imax BowMaster simply must happen!


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