Monday, May 16, 2005

New Garbage Pail Kid? – B.O. T.O....

I read local Philly articles, particularly sports articles, on a pretty much daily basis, to keep up with what’s going on back in the homeland. And on a more-or-less weekly basis, there’s at least one commentary on this debacle of an Eagles offseason, said debacle being led with Mr. Terrell Owens on the frontline.

Yesterday, Inquirer columnist and ESPN shouter Stephen A. Smith published an article about T.O. and McNabb which said, among other things, that T.O. don’t like McNabb, and McNabb don’t like T.O. Not a real surprise anymore, despite their multiple on-air appearances together last season about how much fun they were having.

Today, playing off of Smith’s article, columnist Phil Sheridan brings us our weekly installment of “goodbye T.O., smell you later,” which can be best summarized with the following quote: “You can live with a distraction. You have to remove a cancer. As soon as possible.” The Eagles owner, Jeff Lurie, has publicly said there will be no contract renegotiation. T.O. has stopped talking publicly, since he feels he’s being unfairly brutalized by the media. So the question remains – what happens from here? Between now and training camp in the end of July, I think nothing happens. From there, I suspect that T.O. will holdout for a while, possibly into late August. Unless the Birds decide to trade him, which is a distinct possibility but something I don’t actually think will end up happening, T.O. will have to come to his senses (and realize that super-agent/super-prick Drew Rosenhaus really led him astray by convincing him that the Eagles would concede to give him mo’ money for no damn good reason) and rejoin the team for at least the end of the preseason.

Then the real fireworks begin. As you football fans know, there’s been a real trend lately of the losing SuperBowl team not even making the following year’s playoffs, and all this controversy seems to be setting the Eagles up very nicely for a continuation of this trend. I think it’s going to be a long season next year. Thanks T.O.


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