Friday, May 20, 2005

Story time...

As my hangover finally fades away, I share the following two stories of mistaken identity.

First, Guitar World Magazine apparently has an article this month where they asked rock folks about their most Spinal Tap moment. This was discussed on the Kevin and Bean show earlier this week, where entertainment guy Ralph shared one such story from the Rolling Stones' Ron Wood:

"He says that he and the members of the group were doing drugs in the dressing room before a concert back in the 80's, when suddenly the tour manager stuck his head through the door and said 'the police are here.' Well we all panicked and threw our drugs in the toilet. Turned out it was Sting, Andy Summers and Steward Copeland who had come backstage to see the Rolling Stones."

Second, last night a girl was telling myself and some others a story about when she was living in NYC. She had just moved to the city and was looking for something to do, so she started flipping through a local paper and found a listing of swing clubs. This was shortly after Swingers had come out, and swing dancing was a big thing. So she and a friend decided they wanted to go to one of these swing clubs. She was surprised that these clubs seemed to charge a lot to get in, but she just assumed that was typical for New York. So the two of them tell a third friend about their plans and this third friend quickly explains to them that these are not swing dancing clubs, but clubs for swinging couples. Thus the expensive cost to get in and, more significantly, the requirement that you had to bring a partner.

The second story would've been better had they actually gone to the club and only then learned its true nature, but alas, the story is what the story is.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger EmoRiot said...

These stories are so identifiable to me. One time in the 80s I was going to a swingers club in new york and I paid the huge fee to get in, but when I got in there hardly anyone was there. It was just Andy Summers and Sting. Needless to say, we all took a lot of drugs while listening to Tattoo You on vinyl. ;)

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Bug said...

So very wrong.

I can relate to those stories because I'm dumb and pay too much money for stupid things.

Whee. It works on so many levels.

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